All Catholics are urged to “actively participate” in the liturgical celebrations of the Church through their interior prayer and external actions. In their own internal prayer, all present are urged to join their offerings and prayers to the offering of our Lord made present in the Eucharist. Externally, all present are invited and expected to participate in the responses, singing, posture, reception of the sacraments/sacramentals which take place at Mass. These actions properly prepare the Catholic to go about their fundamental Christian mission which is one of “apostolate” – taking the Word of God into the world for the salvation of souls.

Some who are present at Mass are invited to participate in “ministry” which is directed toward the sharing God’s Word with the faithful who are gathered, for instance, at Mass. A privileged activity borne out of one’s baptismal dignity, there are a number of liturgical ministries that are needed for the fitting celebration of Mass on a daily basis at St. Aloysius Church.


Altar Servers  
Extraordinary Ministries of Holy
Liturgy of the
Word for Children

Those who are engaged in liturgical ministries are urged to be present when they are scheduled to serve. If you are not able to serve, we ask that you first try to exchange a time/date with another person or, if all else fails, to call the parish office to arrange for a substitute.